Local 100 Women Who Care 2018 Launch Meeting March 6th – 6pm at Cobourg Lions Community Centre

Local 100 Women Who Care chapter invites women to join their group as they launch third year of giving.

The Power of 100. That’s all it takes to make a big difference for a local charity in Northumberland.

Since June 2016, 100+ Women With Heart has donated $48,600 to eight charities that provide direct service to people living in Northumberland County. Inspired by an international giving model, the concept of 100+ Women is fun and meaningful: women gather four times a year and make a $50 donation at each community meeting (annual charitable donation of $200); women nominate local charities who make a presentation requesting funds to the group; the group casts a silent ballot to determine which charity will receive the grant; the charity who gets the most votes is awarded a community grant of $5,000 or greater!

Here’s an example of the impact that 100+ Women With Heart is having in the community:

Earlier this winter, members Meghan Sheffield and Christy Flindall visited Anishinaabe Kwewag Gaamig to present a cheque (see photo above). The women’s shelter located in Alderville was the most recent grantee of Northumberland’s 100+ Women With Heart. The shelter’s Executive Director Wanda McIvor and Program Coordinator Charlene Stevenson received the $5,500 donation.

100+ Women With Heart is recruiting new members to join its third of giving and contribute to its work to surprise local charities with an impactful grant. Women who are interested in learning more about the group are invited to attend the next meeting on March 6th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Cobourg Lions Community Centre. Information about the group and how it gives can be found online at For more information contact Nicole Beatty at

For more information please contact:

Nicole Beatty
Founder, 100+ Women With Heart


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