Through all the twist and turns and meandering paths which led Lee Higginson and her family to Port Hope the one road that never escaped her was her passion for the arts and her love of crafting.

by Gareth Vieria

“In 2009 I was living in Montana with my then spouse; he was teaching at the university, our children were one and three years old. I was alone for long stretches of time, a Canadian in an American town, where I knew no one, so I started creating crafts. I have always made things. I grew up in an artsy family and that’s just what we did”

In 2010, Lee moved to Port Hope, a town she frequented many times growing up not far in Peterborough.
“I was full-time momming, while my partner at the time was traveling a lot for work. My idea for a small business based on crafting remained an idea, the possibilities endless.”

But Fluke Craft was no fluke because purpose always comes into play. Purpose is a thread we follow to arrive at our dreams and sometimes, maybe, life unravels so we can roll up our sleeves.

“My life has transitioned a lot since then. I am now on my own and there was a part of me that felt this was the right time to revisit that dormant crafter within me.”

The business began in earnest in December 2017 when Lee designed Christmas ornaments that were a huge success and her table at The Little Goose Handmade Market was a treasure trove of delights, that displayed Lee’s humour and mischievous fun. 
“The Christmas crafts were super popular and they sold well, but I am little hyperactive and I like to do about 20 different things at once and definitely nothing for too long a term, so I if had to do Christmas ornaments the entire year I wouldn’t make it,” said Lee laughing.

Now, with Valentines around the bend, Lee’s “20 different projects” have turned into a few. Fluke Craft is offering an alternative to your ready-made hallmark card. A little touch of artistry created on a rock.

The rocks are illustrated with miniature drawings of exquisite adorableness, hand drawn, each distinct, yet linked in their cuteness, some naughty, some nice, a valentine vice for that special person in your life.
“I am offering quite a few designs, but the sky is the limit, and if you would like to suggest something personal or unique I would be happy to work with you. Your gift will come to you with its own card, ready for your personal message. It couldn’t be easier.” Lee says she will be making deliveries to Peterborough and other surrounding areas in the Northumberland Region.

“And, of course, I’ll mail them to anyone willing to absorb the cost of postage. All of this for $7.”

The best thing about Fluke Craft is the artist behind it, and if I were to describe Lee through her work I’d say, the attention is in the detail, the humour is in poking fun, while the art and craft, like Lee is unique and unlike anyone. But then again Port Hope is a magnet that draws the Lee Higginson’s in all of us.

“What I love about this town is a combination of the fact that Port Hope has always felt artsy, even as a kid when my family would visit from Peterborough, but it also has that feeling that you can be any kind of weirdo you want.”
My sentiments exactly!

Post Script: Stay tuned as Lee and I collaborate on a project of infinite importance, as we probe the streets of Port Hope, with questionnaire in hand and fedora’s on our heads, to seek that long sought after question, just exactly who are “they?” Where do “they” come from? And most importantly are you “them?”

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