Now is the Time. News Now is your Network. Now its Up to You.

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News Now Network Kickstarter 2018 on Vimeo

For a mere $1 a week you can become part of the News Now Network, Northumberland’s Only County-Wide News Service that is individually focused on each community.

Port Hope Now, Cobourg Now, Cramahe Now, Brighton Now and most recently Trent Hills Now are part of the News Now Network which offers coverage of the events and happenings that are specific to your municipality yet they are linked to share the news and the stories when issues and interests overlap between communities. 

Now you can keep informed about your town and also see what is happening in the other parts of Northumberland. Easily!

With individual sites of the News Now Network covering the events, there are no more news silos in Northumberland where you don’t know what your friends are doing in another part of the county. All you have to do is go online and check out the News Now Network site specific to the area you wish to find out about to see what is happening.

You don’t have to struggle to get your news. There is no more having to navigate through corporate media websites that are a hodgepodge of ads that often aren’t local and a mass of news that has nothing to do with Northumberland.

The founding idea for the News Now Network started with Cramahe Now where it has been operating successfully for a quite a while.

Many Cramahe residents go to the Cramahe Now site see what other residents have been up to and to find out what is happening locally.

The success of this site led organically to the creation of the other sites.

With big paper-based news organizations abandoning their readers, people who want to know what is going on need a new locally-focused news source.

The News Now Network is invested in each community. With local reporters and photographers who know their communities.

To help us grow, we need your help and show of support. That is why we have announced our Kickstarter Campaign. Take a look at the video. Give us a little bit of your time. And please consider helping out.

We are not asking for much.

A take-out coffee costs around $2. The cost of a couple of those a day compared to what we are asking to cover news for a whole week is next to nothing. A mere $1 a week.

Your money will go a long way towards helping to cover the costs of news gathering and you will be helping to grow our organization so we can offer more local news and local stories. 

So please, check out the video.

Now is the Time. News Now – is your – Network. Now its Up to You.

News Now Network Kickstarter 2018 on Vimeo