Port Hope will host its first Take Back The Night on Thursday, October 19, with the event to begin at 7 P.M. The goal is to offer Northumberland County residents an opportunity to stand together in solidarity against institutionalized violence and oppression as a community. This is a free event.

Take Back the Night is a community-based event to protest the fear that women and trans people have walking the streets safely at night. It is a grassroots event that honours the experiences of survivors of sexual violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and survivors of state violence such as police brutality, racism, ableism, sexism, and other forms of institutionalized violence.

The walk will begin at Memorial Park (Across from the Port Hope Public Library). 

The event will begin with performances: Winona Wilde, followed by Eile and Ayisha Hannigan, and Natalie Galloway. The walk itself starts at 7:30 P.M. with participants heading North on Queen Street to Walton Street then west on Walton and down Lent’s Lane heading southward to where the Old Canadian Tire stands and then North on Queen again to head back to the park. After the walk the second set of performance will begin at 8:15 with Jane Storie, followed by Brooke Sturzenegger and then Hailiah Knight, finishing with Deviants and The Odd Man Out.

All are then welcome to head over to Green Wood Coalition (18 Ontario Street) to informally debrief or socialize while being serenaded by local superstar, Kim Doolittle. Snacks, water, and warm beverages will be available

The Public Library will have a display of relevant title books leading up to the event for anyone interested in further reading on the topics of gender, gender-based violence, and other relevant topics.

Information via Press Release