I am at Cultivate, perched on a bench in the shade. 

Surrounded by crowds, Kim Doolittle sings “Into the Blue” from the stage. 

The food vendors are lined up, serving delectable meals 

Rey Rey’s Tacos followed by Ruby’s Cotton Candy gives my tummy good feels.

My fellow short order poets write verse at breakneck pace 

while I take an extended Electric Juice break. 

David Sheffield pounds the typewriter keys 

while Lindsey Woodward and Lyss England hang up another short order piece.

Beside them, Larissa Clayton paints the faces of smiling kiddies 

I ask to take a pic, to which they gladly agree. 

Then the Sproai Yoga crew stroll by, (Sproai sounds like spree), 

A conversation with them is like a bag of goodies.  

Critical Mass is printmaking and there’s a graffiti artist on hand. 

And all the while, Jeff, Amelia, and Nic, the Cultivate three, 

keep things running smoothly – you guys delivered again.

Cultivate: A Festival of Food and Drink, so perfectly suited, for this Port Hope clan

We like to keep it weird, as weird we can. 


Poem and photos by Gareth Vieira